As an effort to battle against credit card fraud case globally, there are various methods being used so that the security and authentication can be enhanced without causing unnecessary inconvenience to users. Just recently, Visa has put in place a field testing to verify the new security technology, known as Emue Card before certifying it for commercial use.

On top of existing security features that being deployed by most of the credit card companies, the new Emue Card features an additional four-digit security code that will be changed each and every time the card is used. In order to read the four-digit code to complete the transaction, users would need to enter the secret pin as an extra protection to prevent unauthorized use by third parties, that makes the whole transaction more secure than current practice.

Before it can be practically made available to public, there are a number of technical road blocks that need to be cleared such as convenience of usage, reliability and compatibility to existing systems and many more. The Emue card is currently on field trial conducted by 500 Deloitte employees and hopefully it will get certified and eventually rolled out to all credit card companies and retailed merchandises globally.