PDA phones and SmartPhones provider, Dopod, has unveiled its C500 SmartPhones lately. This new mobile device incorporates a unique design, which features a 12-numeric keypad on the front and a semi-auto sliding Qwerty keyboard under its 65,536-colour 2.4in LCD screen.

C500 uses the latest Windows Mobile 6 operating system to operate. Users can send and receive email via C500 anytime and anywhere. Like other smartphones, C500 allows users to synchronize their Outlook, tasks and calendar on the C500. Dopod C500 also allows users to use applications such as Word, Excel, Power Point, Adobe files, etc. For instant messaging lovers, they can use C500 to chat with their friends on MSN/Live Messenger while on the move. They can send and receive photos, emotion icons, voice recording just like what they normally do on their desktop or laptop. Users can choose various connection options that offered by C500, e,g, Bluetooth 2.0 and WLAN 802.11b/g for web browsing. This unique phone also comes with EDGE support.

Another good point about Dopod C500 is the design of its SIM Card Slot. Unlike other phones which required the users to remove the battery to insert the SIM card, C500’s SIM card slot is on the underside of the top lid. It’s easier to insert or extract the SIM card.