The Japan-based photography giant, Fujifilm has added a new digital SLR camera to its Finepix line, named as IS Pro, the DSLR camera that can shoot in the ultraviolet and even infrared spectrums. According to the company, this camera includes Fuji’s Super CDD Pro and Real Photo Processor Pro, adding Live Image CCD Preview and Fuji’s post capture face detection technology that identifies up to 10 faces per photo to provide best possible focus and exposure.


“We’re very excited to be offering this highly-anticipated camera to customers,” said Darin Pepple, consumer and professional marketing manager with Fujifilm’s Electronic Imaging Division in a company press release today. “With our different kits, at different price levels, we are making it easier for law enforcement agencies to achieve a quick, cost-effective solution for entering into UV and IR investigative photography.

Furthermore, the Fuji IS Pro DSLR camera is also compatible with Nikon F-mount lenses and iTTL flash units.