The leading global publisher of mobile games, Glu has announced the worldwide launch of Guitar Hero 5 Mobile. The Guitar Hero 5 Mobile is being developed and published via Glu’s exclusive worldwide partnership with Activision Publishing, Inc. With Guitar Hero 5 Mobile, the music enthusiasts can pick up their mobile devices and rock out on the guitar, drums and bass guitars with a collection of the iconic bands.


The game is featured with three difficulty settings for the gamers to test their skills. It allows the gamer to compare their scores with other players from around the world.

“The Guitar Hero® franchise, with its global mass market appeal, is a hit perfectly suited for the mobile platform,” said Alex Galvagni, CTO & SVP Global Product Development, Glu. “A variety of new features and authentic musical gameplay allow gamers and music fans alike to enjoy this rockin’ experience.”

Guitar Hero 5 Mobile includes the following features:

  • New Instruments – Play guitar, drums and bass guitar for all songs.
  • New Songs – A total of up to 20 new songs at launch with up to 19 additional downloadable songs.
  • Multiple Venues – Play as different characters in 3 new venues – San Francisco, Cairo and the New York City subway.
  • Gameplay Variety – Unlock four additional guitars and drums, earn 31 achievements and break records.
  • Iconic Rock Bands – Play along to high quality audio songs from Blink 182, Rush, 3 Doors Down, Sublime, Vampire Weekend and etc.
  • Global Leaderboards – Compare scores to other players from around the world.
  • Enhanced Visuals – Animated rockers, crowds and venue effects will make gamers feel like a true rocker.

Guitar Hero 5 Mobile is now available on all major carriers worldwide.