Previously we mentioned about the Embedded Menlow XL large package Intel Atom processors that being planned as follow on products after its successful launch one year ago, now the giant chipmaker has further unveiled more details that there will be four new processors being added under its Atom family.


The upcoming Intel Z5xx series processors, namely Z510P, Z530P, Z510PT and Z530PT will be based on the same micro architecture and feature sets with current Atom series but one of the major differences is they will now have a slightly larger foot print of 22 X 22mm using 1.0mm ball pitch as compared to current ultra small form factor Atom processor at a size of 13 X 14mm with 0.6mm ball pitch. Besides the foot print package change, two of the new Atom processors Z510PT and Z530PT are claimed to be able to withstand extreme temperature environment ranging from -40 to 85 degree Celsius, which is crucial in both Industrial and Automotive segments. Similarly, the US15W SCH (codenamed Poulsbo), a relatively larger chipset that being paired with Z5XX series Atom processor since its launch last year has also being upgraded in both form factor and extended temperature support to cater for stringent requirements in new market segments.

The new Atom processors will be available in second quarter of this year and is expected to continue great Intel Atom momentum in embedded market.