It is quite common to have HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface) in consumer products nowadays that enables the support of HD (High Definition) media streaming in digital home. However, the connector itself is still too huge to be designed into mobile devices. Good news now, a miniature HDMI connector may find its way to future mobile devices with the initial release of actual prototype recently.


The new connector type, named as Type D which measured at only 0.25 inch X 0.1 inch, is quite small as compared to conventional Type A HDMI connector measured around 0.55 inch X 0.16 inch. While able to shrink its physical size, the actual 19-pins connectivity is maintained to make it compatible with existing HDMI specification. Impressively, it is even slightly smaller than inferior Micro USB connector that are widely used in mobile devices. Although both are almost similar in terms of layout design, but they are not compatible and there is mechanism to prevent users from plugging into wrong types accidentally.

It is still not finalized if this tiny prototype will be adopted in the next revision of HDMI, but the chance is pretty high in view of higher demand of HD feature sets in mobile device with so far none of them being made standardized and suitable for mobile devices.