The well-known digital camera maker, Nikon has announced its newest flagship COOLPIX compact camera, named as COOLPIX P6000, which features 13.5-megapixel image sensor, integrated GPS (global positioning system) unit and my Picturetown connectivity, aiming to deliver powerful photography experience.

“We are eager to see the response to the integration of the new capabilities for COOLPIX cameras, as the demands of our consumers are always a priority in product design,” said Bill Giordano, general manager marketing, COOLPIX for Nikon Inc. “The P6000 is an exciting product offering for Nikon’s COOLPIX line, as it not only provides expanded creative control for photo enthusiasts, but also empowers them with GPS functionality and my Picturetown connectivity.”

Key Features Of Nikon COOLPIX P6000:

  • 13.5 Megapixels for stunning prints as large as 20 x 30 inches. Sharp resolution captures the finest details, crop creatively and produce incredible enlargements.
  • 4x Wide Angle Optical Zoom-NIKKOR ED Glass Lens superior optics provide exceptional pictures throughout the versatile zoom range plus two ED Glass elements reduce chromatic aberrations and get you sharp, crisp pictures. NIKKOR optics offers the finest quality glass in the industry which gets you incredible pictures with brilliant colors and sharp details.
  • New EXPEED Image Processing ensures high-quality pictures with stunning color and sharpness. Nikon’s comprehensive digital imaging processing concept incorporates the know-how and technologies accumulated throughout our long history of photographic and digital imaging development. EXPEED is custom-tuned for COOLPIX. Applied optimized technologies render natural-looking pictures of incredible quality and quick response so you won’t miss that special moment.
  • Incredible, Bright 2.7-inch High Resolution LCD and Optical Viewfinder makes it easy to compose and share your pictures with friends and family. The incorporation of the optical viewfinder enables you to see through the lens in any type of lighting condition.
  • Optical VR Image Stabilization compensates for camera shake to prevent blur producing clearer, sharper results in lower light or unsteady conditions. In addition, the benefits of Nikon’s VR system extend to faster framing on the monitor and smoother action when using the movie mode.
  • Program, Aperture, Shutter, and Manual Exposure Modes allow you to have the ultimate control over your pictures. The D-SLR-type mode dial on the top of the camera provides quick access for greater personal and creative control. Now you can adjust the camera’s settings for any type of lighting conditions and get as creative as you want.
  • Auto adjusts up to ISO 6400 and lets you keep shooting, even in lower light. With a light sensitivity range of up to ISO 6400 in manual control, this creates new opportunities to take sharper, more natural-looking photos in lower light conditions.
  • New COOLPIX RAW mode (.NEF) with Windows Imaging Component allows you to take and edit pictures in RAW mode with Windows Vista.
  • my Picturetown with Wired LAN enables viewing and uploading of your pictures anytime, anywhere. Simply connect the camera to your Ethernet cable for your wired LAN and the camera will automatically upload your pictures to Nikon’s my Picturetown photo storage and sharing service. Store up to 2GB for free.
  • New GPS capability will automatically geo-tag your photos with the exact location of where you shot that picture. Upload pictures directly to my Picturetown, then conduct searches based on the location of where your pictures were taken. You can also view them all at once. A great way to have instant organization of your photos!
  • Nikon Image Innovations include: In-Camera Red-Eye Fix, which will automatically look for and fixes most instances of red-eye. You may never see red-eyes again! Face Priority AF is Nikon’s face-finding technology that quickly finds and focuses on up to 12 faces in a group portrait. D-Lighting will rescue those photos that are too dark for printing by enhancing the underexposed areas of the picture while not touching the properly exposed areas.
  • Available System Accessories such as a wide-angle and telephoto converters, Nikon Speedlights, let you expand the capabilities of the camera, enhancing your creativity.
  • High Quality TV Movies with Sound are now just a press of a button away with your COOLPIX. Record TV-quality movies with sound; duration is limited only by the available space on your SD/SDHC card. Connect your camera to your TV and you have instant home-movies!

The new compact Nikon COOLPIX P6000 digital camera is expected to be available starting September 2008 for about $500.