There have been many rumors regarding the slim version PS3 and good news now especially for those Sony Playstation fans that are looking to purchase an affordable console unit for their digital home! Now the long waited slim and cost down version PS3 is finally confirmed and expected to reach commercial space by early next month.

This news seems to be aligned with the cost reduction effort initiated by the Japanese company in an attempt to keep itself competitive in this gaming segment in both pricing and performance. As comparison, the new console is claimed to be 32 percent smaller in size and more importantly, it has able to reduce the power consumption by 34 percent, which is a significant improvement as part of the green environment initiatives. While reducing the power and physical size, it is still equipped with same and some even better feature sets such as the higher capacity 120GB hard disk space, a new BRAVIA Sync capability that enables the PS3 XMB control via the HDMI connection with the BRAVIA TV remote control, System Standby that can switch off the console when the BRAVIA TV is off and many more.

Retailed at $300 (equivalent to 29,980 Yen), the next generation consoles will be arriving in the first week of September, with exact launching date in North America and Europe on 1st of September followed by Japan market on two days after.