The international working group of ISO/IEC, Joint Photographic Experts Group (JPEG) has announced an approval of the new standardization of Microsoft’s HD Photo format which previously dubbed as Windows Media Photo, named as JPEG XR (means for “Extended Range”).


“JPEG is proving its vitality by integrating new technologies like the proposed new work item JPEG XR into the range of existing JPEG family of standards (JPEG 2000 included) and continuing to provide further options and solutions for modern networked imaging through the proposed new work item, JPEG Systems”, said Dr. Daniel Lee the convener of JPEG, and General Manager of the eBay China Development Center.

The JPEG XR is able to show an expanded range of tonal gradations, richer color palette, better compression and even more flexible in-camera editing options. Besides, it can also be immense 262 million pixels on an edge, or 68.6 terapixels total, as long as the compressed image doesn’t exceed 32GB in size.