box_visualcommunicator3_.jpg Adobe has released its Beta version of its Visual Communicator 3 for downloading. This new software will be officially available in the market on summer 2007. Adobe Visual Communicator 3 offers hundreds of customizable graphics, music clips, and special effects to create video presentations that look like a television newscast. This new product will be very useful for educators such as teachers, lecturers and trainers as they can use the resources as their teaching materials.

Users can download the Beta version of this software from here for preview. This is the first major upgrade to Visual Communicator since Adobe acquired it from Serious Magic in 2006, alongside the rest of that company’s products and technologies.

The new Visual Communicator 3 has simplified its templates and wizard in order to give inexperienced users the ability to create newscast-quality video presentations that can be streamed live over the Internet in the FLV format using Flash Media Server software, or output to a projector, television, or Channel One Closed-Circuit System. Visual Communicator 3 will help users to convert their entire power point presentation into a narrated video and post to the web easily without any assistance from IT expert.

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