The recent iPhone 3.0 firmware beta distribution list indicates that the next generation Apple’s iPod or iPhone could be potentially powered by 802.11n chip, replacing conventional 802.11a/b/g protocols in current models for much better performance boost in terms of wireless access in Local Area Network. If you recall, Apple Inc is already utilizing Broadcom chip, BCM4325 that integrates both WiFi and Bluetooth technologies and the upgrade would bring in BCM4329 with enhanced 802.11n while still maintaining Bluetooth v2.1 and FM radio transmitter/receiver.

Typically, a battery powered device may suffer degraded battery life time when such a powerful wireless module is integrated that make it not truly portable. But the Broadcom chip is claimed to be able to maintain low power consumption while able to extend the throughput and range significantly for better mobility. Thanks to its advanced STBC (Space Time Block Coding) and sophisticated power management circuitry that able to extend its usage in mobile consumer electronics market.

No firm plan as of now but if the upgrade is true, it will definitely bring better value to consumer by able to hook up to wireless access point for desktop-like web browsing experience without relying on limited 3G cellular network speed.