As an effort to stay competitively in gaming segment, Nintendo, a famous Wii gaming console maker has finally confirmed to slash its Wii’s pricing to $200, as the first reaction towards Sony and Microsoft recently announced price slashing strategy on their gaming consoles.

If you remember, this is the first pricing adjustment after three years the consoles were announced back to November 2006. Before the price slashing war initiated by Sony and Microsoft, Nintendo’s Wii was once the most affordable (and also most reliable) gaming consoles and hence able to stay at the top of the sales but the situation no longer true especially with the recent economic situation as well as aggressive price war that put both features and graphics-rich Sony’s PS3 and Microsoft’s Xbox in closer pricing gap but with much more advanced technologies and functionality integrated into them.

The price adjustment could be the right move for this company to continue outsell its rivals and more importantly, it will definitely benefit end consumers when we can enjoy a much affordable high end gaming consoles as one of the healthier exercise equipment such as the Wii Sports. According to reliable source, Nintendo will officially make the announcement on September 25th with effective date on two days later. So for those that plan to get this interactive gaming consoles targeted for families may want to wait few more days before making an order now.