While Nintendo Wii is so famous among the game consoles with its sale has exceeded 50 millions globally, there are still some users that are not fully satisfied with it. One of the major issues is the lacking of the huge internal memory storage (only 512MB NAND storage) that cause some inconvenience to those gamers when there is a need to transfer some games to external storage to free up internal storage for new downloads. Good news here, the Japanese game consoles manufacturer has just released a new major System Menu 4.0 updates to enable SDHC cards support up to 32GB.


The software update will bring a new SD card menu GUI that allows users to transfer both files and channels between system internal and external memories. Besides, it also allows the game download directly into SD card without occupying the system memory.

This is definitely an important value added feature to promote greater users’ experience while fixing some of the previous shortcomings without the need to involve major hardware upgrade that could be troublesome and cost consuming. Furthermore, SDHC card is so common now and users can probably grab one of 32GB for less than $40.