Don’t have to go for plastic surgery to tighten that stomach or lift those saggy breasts. Neither do you need injection, drugs or surgery for that slim and sexy you. Just log on to websites that sell professional photo retouching services. You can get a smooth complexion, bee-stung lips, or a pert and sexy butt from $20 to $200. Good things don’t come free naturally. However, these websites don’t just enhance beauty. They also provide services in repairing old, yellow and damaged photographs. Other than that, the services also include showing age progression, or how a person changes gradually with age.

In general, the average computer user can fix basic problems through a large number of tools that come free with the equipment bought. For instance, Apple’s iPhoto is equipped to fix red-eye while Kodak’s EasyShare package enables you to change the brightness, contrast and colour of the photographs you take. However, many more complicated problems require the deftness and knowledge of the restoration artists to solve. For example, lifting flabby skin and removing wrinkles require a more professional eye and expert hand. The area to be altered needs to be identified and marked, before the ripples are removed using a blending filter. This is done by painstakingly replacing each pixel with an average of the surrounding and matching pixel. The blending requires skills so that the result is pleasing and natural. Many photo-touch-up experts use Adobe’s Photoshop and a selection of plug-in enhancements in their job. Free software packages such as GIMP are also widely used.

Among the websites that offer services for photo touch-ups are Touch and Glamour which promises to turn you into a glamorous film star through the process of tuck and nip. Anthropics Technology which makes a software program called Portrait Professional uses mathematical calculations to enhance the shape of a face or body. But don’t think the programs can do anything and everything. It can’t restore or enhance a photo that is too small, blurred or has too little details.