Nokia, the world largest cell phone manufacturer has recently announced that its original battery could overheat and potentially pose danger to consumers especially during charging mode. The Finland cell phone maker warned consumers previously due to the popular use of counterfeit batteries in most of its famous cell phones. But now, it seems that even the original battery supplied by its Japanese vendor could pose the same risk to consumers. The affected batteries were manufactured since December 2005 until November 2006 and were said to reach 46 million units in the market.

The batteries’ model number, known as BL-5C was supplied by Matsushita Electric and has been packaged together with Nokia original cell phones to be sold in the commercial market. It is one of the most famous battery models that being deployed in more than 40 Nokia cell phones’ models ranging from low end Nokia-1110, middle-end Nokia 3650 and even high-end N91. The battery malfunction was believed to be due to internal short-circuit during charging. However, further investigation is still on-going before an official annocement being released.

So far there were about 100 cases of genuine batteries with overheating symptom but no serious injury being reported. Consumers are urged to visit Nokia official website to learn  how to identify the potential problematic batteries by serial numbers. Once the problem is confirmed, consumers will get a new original battery replacement free of charge from authorized Nokia center.