If you are one of the Nokia phone users and always trying to figure out a simple way to be able to diagnose your Nokia handset, you probably will be interested on this new piece of application. Named as Nokia Diagnostics, it is an experimental utility that will able to assist you in troubleshooting your hardware/software when you have experienced some problems with your mobile phone.

Basically the utility comprises of five major tests namely Network Coverage, Internet Connectivity, Battery Charger as well as Loudspeaker and Earpiece tests. As the name implies, Network Coverage test will able to detect current network coverage such as GSM, CDMA or etc with current receiver signal strength as well as roaming status. Whereas Internet Connectivity test will able to help users to test and configure access point’ settings for seamless internet browsing with wizard support. And the rest of tests are mainly focused on system hardware and drivers components. For instances, users will be able to check if the charging function is working, confirm earpiece and loudspeaker functionality before deciding to dissect for spare part change or send to service center for replacement.

Even though the simple application may not comprehensive enough to cover every aspects of failure, but you may still find its usefulness and good thing is, it is totally free for download and use. Currently Nokia Diagnostics is compatible to S60 fifth generation devices such as Nokia N97 mini, N97, 5800, 5530 and Nokia development team is looking to add S60 third generation support to benefit wider group of users. Since it is still in beta version, Nokia Beta Labs appreciates all the feedback and bugs found to make it a more robust utility in next release.