Norman Parental ControlNorman Parental Control, as its name implied, is mainly meant for parents or ‘older’ and ‘wiser’ group of dads and moms to protect and shield the ‘young’ kids, children or teenagers from the shady sides of the Internet, such as some web sites that are not suitable or not legal to be visited, or simply don’t want the younger members of the family to visit.

To make matter worse, there are increasingly many inappropriate websites for kids, such as with themes of adult, sexual, hate, and etc. And children and teenagers won’t stop going to these websites with undesiable content, deliberately or not, unless they are under constant surveillance. With Norman Parental Control, senior users can take full control of when the children can access the Internet and what they are exposed to.

Features of Norman Parental Control

  • Block access to unwanted web site categories
  • Block all web sites except approved sites
  • Customizable user profiles
  • Time limit Internet access times
  • Log utility
  • Works with other security software

Interested user can now have a chance to use Norman Parental Control software product with regular updates for 1 year or 365 days. To get the personal unique free license serial key number to register the Norman Parental Control for unrestricted usage with unlimited updates for 1 year, follow these steps:

  1. Browse to the following Norman registration page:

  2. Fill in the name and e-mail address, select your country, and then enter the following OEM Code:


  3. Click on Submit Form button.
  4. A email containing the new authentication key which is valid for 12 months on Norman Parental Control will be sent to the registered mailbox.
  5. Download Norman Security Suite setup file (direct download link to NSS version 7.10 English: R3_NormanSecuritySuite_710_ENG.msi). Norman Parental Control is part of Norman Security Suite, and can be installed with the same NSS setup installer.
  6. Install the Norman Security Suite, and enter the registration serial key received in email when promoted to enter 5×5 character license key code.
  7. Select Typical for Install Type of Normal Security Suite InstallShield Wizard to install Norman Parental Control which will be valid for one year and Normal Antivirus and Antispyware. If you don’t want to install Virus and Spyware Protection modules, select “Custom” and deselect the option accordingly.