Norman Virus Control is an advanced security software that provides protection for both known and unknown viruses to prevent the virus from spreading and causing harm to the system. This anti-virus software comes with Norman Virus Control has workstation and server-specific features. In addition, Norman Virus Control can perform on-access scans, on-demand scans, and support scannning of both incoming and outgoing e-mail traffic. Furthermore, Norman also comes with automated Internet update function that able to automatic update the software to ensure Norman Virus Control definition files are always up-to-date. Unfortunately, the Norman Virus Control security software currently not support for Windows 7 operating system.

Features of the Norman Virus Control:

  • Email scanning for malicious programs
  • Real-time scanning of files
  • Norman SandBox technology to include detection of unknown viruses, Trojans and worms
  • Automatic Internet update

Norman Virus Control normally cost $39.95 to purchase. As part of promotional offer, now everybody can grab the free Norman Virus Control 3 year license serial code by following the guide below.

  1. To grab the free Norman Virus Control, just head to the following URL:

  2. Enter the name, valid email address, OEM code FSC536, and other information in the box, and then click “Submit” button.

    Note: The OEM code is required for registered.

  3. Check the inbox that will receive an email from “Norman Web” with free 36 months license serial code. ‏

  4. Download the Norman Virus Control by using direct download link: NormanVirusControl_599SU_ENG_R20.msi
  5. Install the Norman Virus Control and enter the license code that received to enjoy free full version 36 months Norman Virus Control.

Norman Virus Control supports Windows NT, Windows 95/98/Me, Windows XP, and Windows Vista.

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  • sheikh umar

    i installed norman antivirus for 36 months!!!!
    tell me is this affective like others avg and avast or kasper?

  • faieq

    This is so good

  • neo

    initially it activated for 36 months

    after a few days it switched over to normal 1 month trial!!!!

    didn't work for me….

  • vu hung

    Please send me key for use


  • Sim

    Just received an email a day after registering saying

    Dear Norman Internet Control user

    Your subscription on Norman Internet Control, that was included in your Fujitsu Siemens Computer, is about to expire.

    Norman is a world leading company within the field of antivirus protection and we hope you are satisfied with our program so far.

  • Benjamin

    Thanks very much

  • someone

    it worked tnx

  • Firas

    Thank you very much 🙂