Occasionally you may encounter such a situation that your Num Lock or Caps Lock buttons are accidentally pressed that cause wrong entries being entered. This could be quite irritating especially when you need to enter a long invisible case-sensitive passwords but ended up you need to re-enter them due to Caps Lock has been turned on unintentionally. If you seldom need to use the Num Lock, Caps Lock and Scroll Lock functions, why not just turn it off so that you won’t be trapped with the wrong entries? Now with this software utility named as NumLocker v1.0, it helps to disable these functions conveniently in simple steps.

Once download and execute the software utility, it will reside in your system tray and users can start using it straight away. By default, the utility will turn on Num Lock and you may need to set it off for the first time. To change the state of each Lock, right clicking on the NumLocker icon in your system tray followed by specific function activation. For instances, users can choose to set Num Lock, Caps Lock or even Scroll Lock followed by ‘On’, ‘Off’, ‘Always On’ or ‘Always Off’ selection.

To simplify the setup, users can choose to launch the software utility automatically when the windows start up. Numlocker will definitely able to help avoiding such wrong entries due to accidentally clicks.