Previously we mentioned about Nvidia Ion 2 chipset targeted for CULV notebook, now seems that the next generation graphics centric chipset is expected to be able to pair with upcoming Pineview Atom platform suitable to be used for middle range netbook products.


It is quite a common practice for Intel Corp to try restricting its own processors from working with external third party chipset with the hope that the whole solution kit (with processor and chipset) will able to push more silicons into commercial market. But based on reliable source from Digitimes, apparently, Nvidia has able to find a way to penetrate into market with its upcoming Ion 2 when coupled with Intel famous next generation Atom solution. The source further disclosed that Nvidia Ion 2 will act more like a GPU instead of a chipset since Pineview will integrate both memory and graphics controllers into its core. If this is true, it may imply that the Ion 2 is likely to be even smaller form factor and cheaper in cost with concentration focus on graphics processing while leaving other CPU and IO processing to Pineview itself.

However, it is still unclear on what type of open standard interface that will be used to pair Pineview and Ion 2 even through it is believed that could be based on PCI Express interface. More importantly, whether the interface has sufficient bandwidth is still questionable since the Nvidia Ion 2 is expected to have twice as much of shader effect as compared to its predecessor solution.