The premier manufacturer and developer of videogame accessories, Nyko Technologies has introduced its new Nyko Wand wireless motion sensing one-handed controller at 2009 CES in Las Vegas, which the company claims as the world’s most advanced alternative to the Nintendo Wii Remote, featuring Nyko’s all-new Trans-Port Technology that able to relocate key buttons through specially designed accessories and attachments for better more immersive control.


According to Nyko, “Current attachments made for the Wii Remote can only access buttons through use of mechanical triggers and provide no vibration feedback. One of the many potential uses of Trans-Port technology is a pistol grip that connects to the Wand and electrically replicates key action buttons, providing controls not currently accessible with attachments for the Wii Remote.”

Impressive Features Of Nyko Wand:

  • Full motion control and pointer functionality provide full support for all Wii software and menus
  • Trans-Port Technology allows for use of custom shells and accessories
  • Accelerometer for full motion control game play
  • CMOS camera for pointer/cursor functionality
  • Bluetooth technology allows for wireless play up to 20 feet away from the console
  • Enlarged buttons and re-designed d-pad allow for convenient horizontal play
  • Powerful speaker provides instant audio feedback
  • Full rumble support
  • Unique aesthetic design
  • Rubberized battery cover for optimal comfort and grip

The new Nyko Wand wireless motion sensing controller for Wii is expected to hit the market in coming April, but no words on its price yet.