If your gadget or electronic device fails or breaks down, what is the most efficient way to get help? Information about repair technicians, spare parts, and suppliers’ addresses are just a mouse click away. The repair industry has kept up with the advances in gadget and appliance technology in terms of sophistication and accessibility. Companies like National Service Alliance, ServicePower, and ServiceBench help coordinate demands for repair services by making it easy and fuss-free for retailers, manufacturers or individuals to contact independent repair technicians via the Internet. Other companies like Partsearch Technologies has compiled an online catalogue of more than eight million spare parts, from obscure to common items, enabling repair technicians to find the parts easily.

The result is increased single visit repairs where problems are diagnosed via the phone and parts located before a technician is sent to carry out the repair. This translates into huge savings in time and money. Highest on the list of items most commonly lost or broken are laptop batteries, dryer timer knobs, projection TV lamps, and refrigerator water filters. The internet repair industry is largely fueled by the young generation who not only break and lose more gadgets or appliances but are also more dependent on the net to seek repairs.