Call me crazy, but when a group of Police officers approach me holding guns and start yelling “Get down on the ground,” I’m gonna listen. This guy… not so much.

Watch this clip first from the popular American TV series “Dateline: To Catch A Predator”, then read my explanation. I’ve analyzed this YouTube clip frame by frame and watched it like 50 times. I think I’ve got it all figured out.

The perp unknowingly shows up at a “Dateline: To Catch A Predator” sting house looking for a sexual encounter with an underage teen he met in a chat room. After Chris Hansen pops out and basically tells him that he’s on national TV, the guy tries to put on his shoes and walk out the front door to freedom. But the cops are outside. They yell “Sheriff’s office” and the perp panics and runs back inside the house. So the cops shoot him with a taser but only one of the taser prongs connects and he only gets a partial charge.

At this point the perp starts screaming like a little girl. Then the perp runs towards Chris Hansen and the Dateline NBC security guards usher Hansen away to safety. After the cops finally get the perp secured on the ground, he starts yelling for help from God. I don’t know why this clip isn’t on the website. It’s riveting!

UPDATE: A tipster sent us the following: “This Dateline bust was in Bowling Green, KY. The guy is 24 years old. He came to meet a 13 year old girl. In a chat room he told her he was a police detective in Indiana. Actually he was only training to be a police officer but got asked to leave the department for violating procedures.”

It’s really scary to think that this guy could have been a cop.