Internet is a marvellous source that provides us with a lot of information, useful data, practical examples, important tips, and so on. However, this information is scattered all over the internet and it can be overwhelming to sort, organize or process this data. Tech savvy users who are experienced in net browsing will not have much difficulty as they can use the search engine, forum and other ways to look for the relevant information. However, a newbie to this facility will surely face some problems. Some readers have asked if there are any sites which can guide them to get some quick answers for their specific questions.

Well, if you are looking for the same solution, one of the sites you can probably look at is Yahoo Answer. The simple rule for this site is everybody can participate. Anybody can throw any question and anyone can answer. The person who asks the question can decide which is the best amongst the answers received and rate it accordingly. It’s a pretty straightforward Q&A site.

Similar to Yahoo Answer, AllExperts is another Q&A site that can get your questions answered. However, unlike Yahoo Answer, AllExperts will get the relevant experts to help you. Hence, to use AllExperts, first of all you need to identify your category of interest. You can either use the search features or navigate the category using index to identify the relevant category. When you have found the relevant category, check the specialization offered by the experts and the details required. Key in the information needed and click on to the “Ask a Question” link to get your answer.

Besides the two Q&A sites, another approach to get your answers is by getting the relevant articles from some useful sites such as About Dot Com and HowStuffWorks. These sites contain handy articles which are properly organized and categorized. You can check out the relevant articles via topic or keyword search.

Of course to find quick information and answers to your questions you shouldn’t forget Wikipedia and Wikihow. Wikipedia is the biggest multilingual free-content encyclopedia on the Internet which has more than 7 million articles in over 200 languages. wikiHow is a wiki-based community with a database of how-to guides. The manuals in the database contain instructions on how to do just about anything. Users can most likely get their answers from one of these manuals.