O&O SafeErase is a Windows application which has been designed to securely delete sensitive data files, individual folders as well as entire computer by using internationally recognized and recommended methods to prevent the deleted data from recovered or accessed by recovery tools. The program has been improved with some of techniques that have been employed by the U. S. Department of Defense (DoD) and the German Department for Security in Information Technology (BSI). Besides that, it also protects the user privacy by securely deletes all Internet tracks.

Key features of the O&O SafeErase 4 includes:

  • Securely delete Browser data.
  • Pre-defined and individual deletion profiles.
  • Various settings for secure deletion.
  • Detailed reports on deletion procedures.
  • Overwriting with zeros (for very fast deletion).
  • Supports multi-core processors.
  • Clear user interface showing main functions.
  • Secure deletion of files and partitions.
  • Secure deletion of entire computers without Boot media.
  • Secure moving of files and directories.
  • Six methods for securely deleting your confidential data.
  • Complete integration in Windows Explorer.

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