If you would like to download a bunch of images from a website, what you normally do is visit to the website, right click at the image and save it, then repeat the same steps again for the rest of images which you would like to save. This traditional way is very time consuming and not effective at all. Now there is a utility, named as OpenImage that allows you to download multiple images from a website without the need to browse to the website.


OpenImage is a free utility that allows you to do batch images download from a website. It is a tiny application and is easy to use. To download images from a website, just launch OpenImage and select Task -> New Download, enter a website URL which you would like to download images from, select a folder where you want these images to be saved to, then hit Create button to start downloading images from the website. Besides, you can choose to only download images by specific file types, size range and automatically rename the downloaded filenames with sequence number and etc.

OpenImage is absolutely free to download and is compatible to run on Windows XP/Vista/7. It doesn’t require any installation and users just need to run the executable file directly for immediate use. The only pre-requisite is you must have .NET Framework 2.0 or later in order for it to work properly.