Popular web search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc allow users to search for ebooks in pdf file format. Users can easily browse through these search engines to look for ebooks and other information that are available in pdf format. Users of course need to set the search boundary so that the search results are limited to pdf format only. To keep things easier and simpler for users, OpenPDF, a new search engine has emerged and allows users to find any PDF information such as ebook, document, etc conveniently.

OpenPDF is a purpose-built search engine that will only search or find PDF files available publicly online. Like other search engines, users just need to type in their query in the search box and the search engine will display the search results which are all pdf files. This new search engine which is currently in Beta is quite useful for users to source for reading materials easily without having to flip through pages of results that are not relevant.

OpenPDF also offers a free toolbar as an add-on for the Mozilla Firefox browser. Firefox users can install this free toolbar via the link here to their browser and enjoy a quick search for PDF documents or ebooks instantly.