Running too many applications can cause computer performance to slow down or even crashed. Most of the times you need to identify and close applications that consume a lot of memory usage or reboot computer in order to solve the performance issue. Instead of taking action only when you encounter the slowdown issue, now there is a utility, named as Minimem that is able to proactively optimizes processes by reducing memory usage running in background.


Minimem is a free utility that is originally designed to reduce memory usage caused by Firefox only, but now it has been enhanced to optimize memory usage for any other applications by staying at system tray and running silently in the background. You can configure to optimize as many processes as you preferred and at the same time, it provides you some options to configure the interval to optimize memory regularly, do not optimize if overall RAM available is more than the specific memory usage as well as do not optimize the foreground process. Once processes are selected to be optimized, it will optimize memory by removing as many of non-necessary pages as possible on every interval in order to ensure low CPU usage at all times. These removed pages will only be loaded back whenever there are needed to further optimize the overall system by fully-utilizing the memory usage.

Minimem version 1.3 (minimem1.3.msi) by has a user-friendly GUI and doesn’t require any special skill to operate, it is tested and confirmed running well on Windows XP 32 bits SP3 and should support all Windows versions. The only pre-requisite to run Minimem is you must have .Net Framework 2.0 installed on your computer.

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