What’s better than mint-flavored or green tea toothpaste? Apparently, no toothpaste. It is a puzzle how smudging your teeth with flavored toothpaste can help to prevent tooth decay. Brushing teeth without the toothpaste may seem odd at first but Shiken has come up with a solar-powered toothbrush which can cause a chemical reaction upon contact with the saliva to clean teeth just as effectively.

The Soladey-J3DX toothbrush is powered by natural sunlight and brings teeth brushing to a new technological plateau. It does away with toothpaste because the embedded solar panel in the centre of the toothbrush can transmit electrons which react with the acid in the saliva to fight plague and bacteria. While research is still being carried out to test its effectiveness, the Soladey should take away some of the hassle of oral care and make tooth brushing more efficient.