Many users tend to place many shortcut icons on their desktop for easier access to a program or command. However, too many shortcuts icons without proper grouping or arrangement could really mess up your Windows Desktop. You probably need to spend some time to locate a particular shortcut icon. The problem gets worse when there are more and more shortcuts added to the pool. To tackle this practical problem, Stardock has introduced a grouping app called Fences.

Good fences make a good desktop interface. Stardock Fences allows users to organize their desktop icons by grouping them into blocks. Each block is “visually” fenced up with a labeled shaded area. Users can add the shortcut icons to the relevant block and organize them accordingly. For instance, users can create a Microsoft Office block to fence MS Word, MS Excel and MS PowerPoint into a group; users can also create a Game block to fence all the computer games into another group, etc. With this grouping facility, users will enjoy better organization in their computer’s desktop.
Stardock Fences is easy to use and very flexible. Users can easily right-click their mouse on the desktop, drag and draw a rectangle to create a fence. Users are free to rearrange and resize the fences created. With all the fences created, the desktop applications are more organized and properly grouped. However, users can be still get frustrated with so many icons in the desktop. Fences addresses this issue by incorporating a “Quick-Hide Activated” feature to this app. Quick-Hide Activated can hide or show all the icons with an easy double click on any empty space in the desktop.

By Double-clicking blank space on your desktop, you have activated a feature of Fences called Quick-Hide. Double-click blank space on your desktop at any time to quickly hide/reveal your desktop icons.

You can select individual fences or icons to remain visible during a quick-hide; just right click and click “Exclude from Quick-Hide”.

Stardock Fences is currently in preview beta and it is available for downloading free via the link here. This app supports all Windows XP, Windows Vista and even Windows 7 for both 32 and 64 bits.