dunkinEnjoying a delicious baked doughnut with a cup of hot coffee from the famous Dunkin’ can now be much easier with your iPhone and iPod touch. Doughnut and coffee lovers will never have the chance to complain their orders have not been taken via a new iPhone and iPod touch app. Tapping on the iPhone and iPod’s popularity, Dunkin’ Donuts has introduced its free iPhone application, Dunkin’ Run, for customers to organize a social “doughnut” gathering and make group orders for their favorite doughnuts and coffees.

To initiate the activity, the “Runner” (organizer) can log in to the app and thence enter the email addresses or phone numbers to invite others for a doughnut gathering. The invitees will be notified about the doughnut gathering and given the menu to place their order. Once the Runner and his invitees have finished the order, the compiled order list will be finalized and printed out. The Runner can bring along the order list for verification in Dunkin’ Donut or they can just show the order list from their iPhone.

Dunkin’ Run is a pretty interesting idea where Dunkin’ Donuts merge the idea of social gathering, food & beverage and technology together. How successful this concept will be is still too early to say but for sure there will be more similar concepts coming up, tapping on the iPhone success to expand the market in this economic downturn.

Download Dunkin’ run at iTunes online store.