Microsoft Word 2007 has changed quite a lot as compared to Word 2003 or earlier version. While Word 2007 is designed with more powerful and faster way of getting things done, but with the new look of Word 2007, you may have to start over trying to figure out where are those frequently used function and go through the learning cycle. However, once you get use with it, you will never want to go back to previous version of Word. Let’s take a look at some of the newly added and improved features in Word 2007 that can accelerate your productivity in daily work.

Better interface to access commands or items with much more easier
Word 2007 has a new, intuitive user interface called Ribbon that can help you to create documents much quicker than you could in previous version of Word. By having task oriented Command tabs on the Ribbon, user will able to reduce the number of clicks to perform a task or commands that were formerly located in dialog boxes, menus and toolbars. Items such as adding header and footer, add chart, shapes, picture, table and etc can be accessed easily at the Ribbon under Insert menu.

Cool and nice graphics
New 3D, transparency and drop shadow effect graphics have been added in SmartArt that let your documents look more attractive. To use the graphic in SmartArt, click Insert tab, then on the Ribbon, select SmartArt.

Compare and combine different version of document easily
There are some new improved features that enable you to track the changes that you have made on your documents, compare and combine different version of documents. Just go to Review menu to find the Compare, Track Changes, Reviewing Pane on the Ribbon.

Remove unwanted and hidden comments
Document Inspector is able to detect and remove unwanted or hidden comments easily in order to keep your data confidential. To use this feature, go to Microsoft Office button located on the left corner, then click Prepare -> Inspect Document. On the next dialog box pop up, make sure you have checked the Comments, Reviewing Versions and Annotations, then click Inspect. Click Remove All to delete all unwanted and hidden comments. Please be careful when perform this task as you cannot undo this function once you delete it.

Prevent anyone from editing your documents
Once you want to make your document as final version, you can mark the file as “Final”. This feature avoids other people from editing the document. To use this feature, go to Mircoroft Office button, then click Prepare -> Mark as Final, then save the file.

Allow file to save as PDF and XPS
This is another popular feature requested by Word users and glad that Word 2007 has made this happens finally. You can save a file as Adobe PDF or XPS format. To do this, go to Microsoft Office button, click Save As -> PDF or XPS

Digital signatures enables the integrity of documents
You can sign your document via a digital certificate so that you know the file has not been altered after its creation. To attach your digital signature to the document, click Microsoft Office button -> Prepare -> Add a Digital Signature. Click OK button in the message box, then type the purpose of signing the document. Click Sign to attached the signature to the document.

Live word count
This feature allows you to track the total length of the document as and when you are typing. The word count is displayed at the left bottom as shown below.