If Transformers can make lives better for the paralyzed, it will take the form of the Panasonic Robotic Bed. Much like Toyota’s thought-controlled wheelchair, the Hybrid Assistive Limb and Rodem, an ergonomic electric wheelchair, Panasonic’s robotic wheelchair provides a solution to mobility problems for the aged and handicapped. The upper half of the mattress of Panasonic’s Robotic Bed can rise while the lower half slides from under the bed through a motorized feature. Once it is transformed into a wheelchair, it is smart enough to avoid obstacles and people to avoid collisions.


Other notable features of the robotic bed include a specially designed mattress which can help users turn over regularly to prevent bedsores. The robotic -wheelchair –cum-bed is also equipped with a screen that acts as a TV, a home security camera viewer, and a controller for home appliances.

For the bedridden, the Panasonic bed-cum-wheelchair would solve many practical problems and relieve the burden of the caregiver. Besides providing independence and enhancing the quality of life through improved mobility, the robotic bed-cum-wheelchair will also reduce the risk of injuries for the user and make recovery faster.