Great news for Pandora listeners! The leading provider of highly-popular personalized automated music recommendation Internet radio service, Pandora has expanded its online radio service with the new addition of comedy material, which is powered by Comedy Genome Project team, in order to enhance users radio listening experience. The new addition continues the essence that applied to its music stations – Pandora’s comedy stations also can be personalized and created to suit your personal taste.

In simply words, you can personalize the comedy station based on your favorite comedian and genre like PG comedy, political comedy, working class comedy and so forth, and get automated recommendations from over 10,000 joke clips from more than 700 comics and counting.

In addition, users can provide feedback on thumb up (like) or thumb down (dislike), which Pandora takes into account for future recommendations. There are already more than 10 billions thumb ups and downs been recorded by the Pandora system.