Have you ever wonder that paper could be used as the source to supply power in one day? According to researchers at Stanford University in California, they have reached a major milestone by able to transform a normal paper (which is coated with unique ink with carbon nanotubes and silver nanowires) into paper battery that can be used to power up electronics devices as a potential replacement of existing Lithium-ion and other types of battery technology in the market.

The new paper battery is leveraged on silicon nanowires technology that is expected to be much more power efficient with up to 10 times as long lasting as current Lithium-ion batteries. And with its low cost and ultra-light weight characteristics, it poses a significant advantage as a future power source replacement for hybrid vehicles which is still very lacking in the automotive industry. Besides suitable for electric-powered vehicles, the new high performance energy generating device can be even useful to supply current source for any portable consumer electronics gadgets especially with its extremely flexible design and affordable cost.

No exact date on when it will be commercialized yet, but according to Peidong Yang, professor of chemistry at the University of California-Berkeley, the new technology could be materialized and ready for industry in very short future.