Mac OS X normally uses HFS+ file system, which is incompatible with dominant file system on Windows operating system, NTFS, which is the default file system for Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows Server. The incompatibility poses some problems and inconvenient for users who want to use Macintosh machine and Windows PC together, or who want to run Windows OS via BootCamp, as the files saved or stored in one file system is not accessible, readable or writable by another operating system.

CampTune for Mac OS X from Paragon software is an utility that allows Mac users to easily redistribute disk space between hard disk partitions utilized by Windows and MacOS. CampTune is especially useful for Mac OS X BootCamp users, as having enough free space on both OS partitions is essential for running applications and optimum performance of two systems. CampTune allows user to adjust or resize the partition size, without having to delete any partitions.

Paragon CampTune

Paragon CampTune has a price tag of $19.95 per license. People who wants to get the free license of CampTune can take advantage of Paragon’s promotion where it is having a 3-day giveaway of CampTune 7.5 for Mac OS X, albeit it’s an older version. The current version of CampTune is version 8.0.

The free CampTune promotion runs from Friday, October 1, 2010 at 3:00 am (New York Time) till Monday, October 4, 2010 at 3:00 am (New York Time). Interested people can download the following CampTune 7.5 installer.

Download free CampTune 7.5: camptune7.5.dmg

The free version of CampTune requires registration to get free serial number.

To use CampTune, save the .dmg package downloaded to applications. Double click the CampTune icon and press “Burn” to write and copy CampTune to any recordable CD/DVD. Then, just insert the CD or DVD, turn on or reboot the system, and users can resize partitions by moving the controller and click “Apply”.