PayPal is one of the most commonly used payment gateway for merchants or e-stores selling on Internet. Though PayPal has been also one of the most secure, safest and reliable payment processing service, but it still contain a loophole which virtually allows eCommerce site to be hacked to crack PayPal payment system, allowing direct download of products without having actually paying.

Actually it isn’t PayPal has been cracked. The hack depends on online vendors who use old legacy PayPal’s Buy Now button which has the links to downloadable products obfuscated and encoded inside the JavaScript HTML code. The hack decode the Java script to get the download links, which only supposed to be revealed after a successful payment been made through PayPal. But as the script does not verify the payment, effectively allowing the products to be downloaded right away for free.

The PayPal hack does not work with online stores which are secure with verification of successful checkout flag and perform encrypted payment through IPN (Instant Payment Notification). Thus, the hack now mainly works on sites offering low value eBooks or application software.

How to Hack PayPal Buy It Now to Download without Paying

  1. On a web browser (such as Firefox), right click on the Decode PayPal Crack bookmarklet, and select Bookmark This Link or Add to favorites to save the link as a bookmark.

    Decode PayPal Crack (Bookmarklet Removed)

    Alternatively, just go to Bookmark Manager or Library to create a new bookmark or favorite with the name of Decode PayPal JS with the following URL (Location or Target):

    Bookmarklet Removed

  2. Visit the web page which offers payment through PayPal’s Buy Now button.

    Tip: Use any search engine such as Google to search for “this order button requires a javascript enabled browser” (including quotes) to get websites which have the Buy Now via PayPal button. Note that not all search results will work with the hack. You may add “instant download” to search query to filter out websites that do not provide download directly after purchased, such as those require further registration or form filling with PayPal transaction number.

  3. Click on the “Decode PayPal JS” or “Decode PayPal Crack” bookmark or favorite.
  4. Find or search (press Ctrl-F for most browser) for the following string (including quotes) in the decoded web page:

    "return" value="

  5. Examine the URL value which written after the value parameter. There may be several matched entries, where one or more of them will display the direct download links to the products or web page which shows the download links.

Disclaimer: This article is for information and education purpose only.