PDF to ePub Converter is an easy to use converter software from DNAML that is designed to convert eBooks from PDF to ePub format. PDF to ePub Converter comes with simple user friendly interface with “Step by Step” wizard, and it supports batch converting. With PDF to ePub converter, users able to view eBooks on iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, Sony Reader or other eBook Readers with supporting ePub format. In addition, PDF to ePub Converter provides user the option to overwrite glyphs utilized within the PDF, custom characters, set DPI (resolution) for images, and convert PDF to HTML allowing the digital books to publish as web pages.

Features of PDF to ePub Converter:

  • Optimized to work best on trade paperback style publications
  • Auto paragraph joining algorithm that works automatically across multiple pages
  • Customize front and back cover
  • Correctly splits final HTML into multiple segments, improving performance and lowering memory requirements for ePub readers and eBook devices
  • Handles images and image positioning based on the PDF positioning
  • Converted ePub will be automatically validated to ensure 100% compatibility with ePub check
  • Support most popular html/text and image formats like HTML, XML, SHTML, TEXT, JPG, GIF, PNG etc
  • Customise PDF area to extract from thus avoiding common problems with other conversion tools like headers and footers of pages being treated as body text
  • Provides the PDF to ePub user a pre-set option using PDF to ePub preset rules or to employ custom rules to the ePub conversion process
  • For Advanced users – PDF to ePub uses a powerful scripting language (.lua) to allow the PDF to ePub user to fully customise how text and images are extracted from the PDF files
  • Provides the end user the ability to set DPI (resolution) for images and glyph (character images)
  • Convert PDF to Kindle eBooks

PDF to ePUB Converter normally cost $39.95 per single license. As part of promotional offer, DNAML Software is giving away 20,000 free copies of the full version PDF to ePUB Converter.

To get the free copy of PDF to ePUB Converter, just follow these steps:

  1. Visit the promotional page at the following URL to register:http://www.pdftoepub.com/authorspromotion.asp

  2. Fill in the form by enter the name, email address, and other information, and then click on “Submit” button.
  3. Once finish register, the page will forward to other page which containing the link to download the setup installer and license key code for PDF to ePUB Converter.
  4. Install PDF to ePUB Converter and enter the activation key to enjoy the fully licensed PDF to ePUB Converter.

PDF to ePUB Converter supports Windows Server, XP, Vista, and Windows 7 (or MAC using Windows in Parallels/VirtualPC).

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