It is essential to keep the registry in your system as organized and compact as possible in order to enhance the computer performance. Periodically organizing and compacting the registry files can significantly speed up the computer and boost the system’s accessibility. To conduct Registry Defragmentation exercise, users can try the newly released RegDefrag 1.5 by Quicksys. RegDefrag 1.5 is a freeware utility to perform the defragmentation task. It will optimize registry by removing gaps, fragments and wasted space in Windows registry files and thus improve the system performance.

RegDefrag 1.5 can be downloaded via the direct link here. This tiny maintenance application is easy to set up and use. You could just run the defrag process by clicking the “Analyse” button on the screen. You are required to quit or close all the running programs before performing the defrag task. The analysis result will show you the existing registry size and the size after the defrag process. Backup your system before you process to the next step to start defragging.