Originated from French, Look ‘n’ Stop is a pretty good Personal Firewall software amongst its class of security applications. This security application is tiny in size, approximately 854k and it doesn’t consume a lot of your computer’s resources. Look ‘n’ Stop was rated amongst the highest firewall in some leak tests. It provide high secured protection against internet hacker attack and prevent spyware from transmitting your personal data out without your knowledge. This security application scan you internet connection permanently from the outside but it wouldn’t affect your connection’s performance.

Look ‘n’ Stop has made some improvement to its latest version, Look ‘n’ Stop 2.06. Some amendments or changes found in the latest Look ‘n’ Stop Version 2.06 p3 are as follow:

• Standard and enhanced rulesets contain an additional DNS rule in order to be compatible with Windows update KB951748.

• Standardand enhanced ruleset now contain rules for LLMNR, UPnP and WS-Discoveryprotocols (which are used under Vista and add a lot of alerts atWindows startup). These protocols are still blocked by default butwithout adding alerts in the log.

• Fixes: Application Filtering: better compatibility with some Antivirus software (some crashes/BSOD could happen with previous releases).

• Fixes: DLL Filtering: one very rare crash/BSOD has been fixed

• Fixes: Localization (through the translation plugin) was not working properly in the 2.06p2

• Fixes: Rule creation from log: ports values have been fixed for IPV6

• Console window: some fixes and improvements regarding driver logs

• Language Plugin under Vista: language files (.lng) are now saved into “Users[user]AppDataLocallooknstop”.

Look ‘n’ Stop can be downloaded for 30-days trial via the direct link here.