You might want to make your own ringtones from a CD track or MP3 file that matches your lifestyle and show your personality and style to others. Is there any easy way to do so?

Actually making your own ringtones isn’t too difficult if you have a mobile phone that supports MP3 ringtones and a way to transfer files on to the phone from your computer. The easiest and fastest way to make and install your own ringtones is to use software dedicated to the task, such as “Tone This”. These types of programs let you edit the sound clip of your choice to the appropriate length and send it to your phone as a file download that you can assign as a ringtone. Most ringtone software makers list phone models on their websites so you can make sure your handset is compatible.

You may also be able to convert and edit a CD track or MP3 file with free or inexpensive audio programs available around the web if your computer doesn’t have any sound-editing software already installed. Audio shareware sites like HitSquad and Audio Utilities are two sites.

The open-source program Audacity is a free audio editor for Windows, Mac OS X and Linus systems, but you need to download the program’s optional LAME MP3 encoder to export edited MP3 files.

Once you have edited your new ringtone with your audio program, you can transfer it to your phone as you do other files – USB cable, Bluetooth connection and email download are some methods available.

Check your phone’s manual for instruction on transferring audio files to the proper place for use as ringtones.