Many Apple iPhone users make use of their iPhone to keep in touch with friends, colleagues and family members via instant messaging (IM) or through social networks such as Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, etc. They get to know each other’s status update, chit chat instantly, exchange news, etc through these media. However, sometimes it is quite difficult to manage and handle the numerous accounts at one go. They have to use various applications for the respective activities. If users have this problem, it is probably good to try the new Pinger Phone application.

Pinger Phone is a new application for Apple iPhone which gives iPhone users a complete solution to manage their Facebook, Twitter, and MySpace social networks and various IM services such as Yahoo Messenger, AIM, Windows Live Messenger, and Google Talk in a single package. Pinger Phone is a FREE application for iPhone and iPod Touch. This application allows users to set up their Twitter, Facebook and MySpace accounts in their iPhone. Users can view their friends’ updates, call history, etc from these accounts via Pinger Phone without using other third party application. Pinger Phone also supports various IMs and users can make use of this facility to enjoy instant messaging.

iPhone users who want to try Pinger Phone can download it from the App Store and learn more about this product.

Pinger Phone iPhone App Review