The world’s largest online retailer,, has turn into a pirated site and allowed illegal downloading? A new Firefox plugin namely “Pirates of the Amazon” has successfully attacked this online shopping center and allows users to shop at this shopping site without paying any single cent. Users can download pirated copies of products such as movies, MP3, shows, games, etc from the Amazon online store without making any payment.

This Firefox extension can be downloaded from Pirates of the Amazon official site. However, this site is currently offline. Users are unable to go to Pirates of the Amazon and download the plugin. Torrentfreak is hosting a backup for this plugin. Users who want to add this application to their Firefox browser can download the file via the link here. After it has completed, go to Firefox browser, chose “File”> “Open” and select the downloaded xpi file to install. Once the add-on is installed, users can find a new “download 4 free” button added on the top of the Amazon product page. This links directly to the hosted .torrent tracker file, letting the user avoid having to make a purchase from Amazon in place of acquiring it illegally via BitTorrent.

Amazon has yet to respond or make any comment on this illegal application. As it stands, this “Pirates of the Amazon” still works. Users can watch the demo video of how this extension works:

Pirates of the Amazon screencast