The US-based restaurant chain and international franchise, Pizza Hut is offering the new mobile ordering service – Total Mobile Access, allowing customers to order pizza from any of its 6,200 outlets across the US via text messaging or mobile Web on their mobile phones, which aimed to deliver more convenient for the customer.


“Text messaging and mobile Web are an integral part of millions of Americans’ lives, and we’re excited that these fast and flexible ordering options can now be used to order Pizza Hut pizza,” said Brian Niccol, Pizza Hut CMO. “Online ordering has become one of the fastest growing segments of our business in recent years, so adding Total Mobile Access is the latest way we can make the process of ordering America’s Favorite Pizza more convenient for our customers.”

“We wanted to provide maximum accessibility,” said Bernard Acoca, Pizza Hut’s director of digital marketing. “We have a core group of customers that is very tech savvy. They use their phones for everything … We want to be where the consumers are.”