When downloading or saving files, you will be prompted with ‘Save As’ dialog box which allows you to select the destination folder to save the downloaded files. If you are a systematic type of person who like to save files in a specific folder, you need to browse to the destination folder each and every time you save files which could be time consuming and troublesome. To solve this concern, there is a utility, named as Places that can let you to customize ‘Save As’ window so that you can save files to the destination folder easily and faster.


The standard shortcut in Windows ‘Save As’ dialog box normally comes with My Recent Documents, Desktop, My Documents, My Computer and My Network Places. Places is a free utility that can customize the Windows ‘Save As’ dialog box by replacing standard shortcuts with shortcut linked to your own folders. To replace any one of the standard shortcuts with your own shortcuts, just launch Places utility, click on the drop-down list and select Custom, then browse to the folder where you normally save your files into. Once you have completed the destination folders selection, you can preview the changes by clicking on Test button and it will shows you ‘Save As’ dialog box with the customization that you have done.

Places 1.0 is absolutely free to download and is compatible to run on Windows XP/Vista/7. However, you must have administrator privilege in order to customize ‘Save As’ dialog box with Places.