Banks have crashed, demands have been reduced, confidence has weakened, and everybody is experiencing the recession effect at this global economic slump. In this economic downturn, cash flow management and budgeting are the crucial elements to help you to weather the storm. If you do not have any financial background or lack of financial know how, a good personal finance manager app such as AceMoney Lite would really help you a lot to plan, manage and organize your own personal finance.

Having inherited almost all the good features from its big brother, AceMoney, this personal finance manager, AceMoney Lite, offers users all the basic features required for home or even small-business accounting needs. Users who need to do financial planning, create and manage budget, track personal spending habits, track performance of investment, or bill payment reminders, debt monitoring and planning, mortgage payments, etc can try this user friendly finance manager tool. Unlike Ace Money, AceMoney Lite is a freeware but it is only limited to one bank account only.

Users who need a handy financial management tool can download AceMoney Lite via the link here. This app works well with Windows and Linux OS.