Personal financial planning and management is an essential element in life that can’t be neglected. Most people need the skills and techniques to some degree to ensure they don’t have financial disaster in the future. The cost of failure to manage and plan can be very high indeed. Failure to properly manage personal finance can result in over spending, not enough money set aside for important expenses such as education, retirement fund, etc. There are various financial management web services and applications ready to assist users to manage and keep track of their spending and budgeting. Amongst them, Rudder is one of the useful and friendly financial management web services which users can use to manage their money or personal fund.

Free to join, Rudder requires users to set up their financial information upon registration. Users can add in the bills to pay, income records, credit card accounts, etc. Rubber will aggregates users’ account and transaction information and highlight to users via a statement to users’ registered email address. With Rudder, users will be informed of the outstanding bills to pay and the due date of payment. Collaborating with more than 3,000 major banks and financial institutions, upon the setting up of users’ credit card and bank accounts in Rudder, Rudder is also able to tell users the available credit, credit card balances, account balances, transaction records, etc. Every financial record and information will be addressed to users via its powerful reporting features.

With Rudder, users can pay their bills on time and they can monitor their cash flow and cash situation wisely. They can review their expenses and spending from time to time to ensure the spending/expenses are necessary and within their spending limit. This online financial management tool simplifies the financial management process and makes things easier for users. Users might be insecure and lack confidence to furnish their credit card and bank account details to Rudder. In this context, Rudder has ensured that its service is secure and users’ data is always kept safe and encrypted during the transmission online. Rudber also guarantees that users’ data will be kept away from third parties and never sold to others.