There are thousands of interesting video clips available at the YouTube video sharing site. Of course you can’t deny there are many pretty long and boring clips amongst the interesting ones. When you come across interesting clips, it is always a pleasure to share with friends and others the video extract. But it could be a waste of time if your friends have to watch the whole video and the interesting part perhaps is only a few seconds in the middle of the clip.

Try a little trick here to allow you to direct your friends to the funny and interesting YouTube video at the specific time when the funny part is showing. What you need to do is just add the following tag at the end of the video’s URL: url: #t=01m28s. With this new tag added in, it means the video clip will automatically play at the 1st minute and 28th second. For instance, let’s see the example below:
The original video’s URL is as follow:

After adding the tag, it becomes:

Users can change the numeric number accordingly to determine minutes and seconds they want. With this tag added to the URL, users can send it to friends and others. When they click on it, it will automatic play the video at the specific time.

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