PornoTubeYouTube won’t accept a adult and mature-themed videos that contain pornography or sexually explicit content, even though the adult movie features the uploaded users themselves. But sex sells, and it will be a surprise if there is no adult video hosting and video sharing sites that hope to imitate the success of YouTube business model. Thus, PornoTube emerges for those who’re too horny.

PornoTube is a free adult site that allows users to upload mature adult video clips, and share it with other users or visitors. PornTube interface is almost basically the same with YouTube, where streaming of video is based on Adobe Flash Video (FLV) format, you have a choice to see a list of “Top Rated Videos” and “Most Viewed Videos” too. And each video is tagged with sexual related tags or terms for easy searching, and accept comments. However, most of the video clips uploaded is of commercial purpose, kind of ‘promotional’ viewing to entice that viewers to purchase it.

As usual, PornoTube is restricted for adult only, there is an age verification form asking for your birth date before you can enter the site, but it’s basically useless as visitors can simply enter any date they want. Parents consent about their kids accidentally visit the site should filters and bans access to PornoTube.

Again, not for minor, not safe for office browing, PornoTube sexperiment.