Many users might be quite familiar with the built-in video creating/editing software in the Microsoft Windows OS, Windows Movie Maker. The user-friendly video creation tool features mostly simple functions to create or edit a video clip. However, if users are running Windows Vista or Windows 7, users might be aware that some of the features such as transition, capture video from external sources, etc available in the earlier version have gone missing. To bring back the features you are familiar with, users probably can try a portable version based on Windows Movie Maker 2.1 in their Vista or Win 7.

The portable Windows Movie Maker shall not require any installation prior to using it. Users can save it in a USB flash drive or portable hard disc and bring along this portable Windows Movie Maker to be used with any Windows computer. It is pretty useful for those who want to create an instant movie clip to share with family or friends their joy and memories while they are on a holiday, for instance.

Users who need it can download the application via the link here.